Monday, March 7, 2016

Savor the Rising Words! Second Annual Poetry Broadside Invitational

This April, Great Harvest Bread Company is sponsoring a second poetry broadside invitational in honor of National Poetry Month. Broadsides are a traditional form that pairs the written word with a visual presentation. Broadly defined, a poetry broadside combines the words of a poem with visual imagery. Though often printed on a letterpress or in other printmaking media, for purposes of the exhibit, “broadside” will include any presentation that combines original poetry and original artwork (including photos) on thick paper (at least card stock weight) no greater than 14” x 18” in size. Collaborative poet/artist pieces and collage pieces are welcome as long as they do not exceed the size limit. 

Members of 49 Writers and past or present participants in 49 Writers workshops are invited to submit poetry broadsides for display at Great Harvest Bread Co. throughout the month of April. Featured poets will be encouraged to read their works during a public event at the bakery at a date and time to be determined. Broadsides in the exhibit will be available for sale and proceeds will be donated to 49 Writers; those not sold will be retained by 49 Writers for future displays or events.

Here are the details to enter:
Deadline: TUESDAY, March 29, 2016. Submissions should be well wrapped in an envelope or paper and mailed or delivered by this date to the following address:

Great Harvest Bread Co.    Attn: Barbara Hood
570 East Benson, Suite 22    Anchorage, AK 99503

Please make sure your name(s) appear on the piece and include a completed Entry Form (download here) with your submission. All entrants will receive a coupon for a free loaf of bread and heartfelt gratitude, and additional prizes will be given. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your creative work and support a great cause!

Please contact Barbara at or 907-301-5362. Thanks!

I’ve got to stick my two cents in here…. I LOVE poetry broadsides and own quite a few of them. My secret (and now not-so-secret) wish is to own a letterpress so that I could learn to create poetry broadsides for Alaska’s poets. It’s an incredibly beautiful and versatile medium that pairs literary art with visual art. So, I hope that all of the incredible poets out there will send Barb a broadside, either a traditional one or one they’ve created to highlight their work.

I can’t tell you how much fun I think this project is, and how grateful I am to Barb Hood and the Great Harvest Bread Company for sponsoring and hosting it! I’ll be sending one of the broadsides that was created for my first book by a press in Washington. I can’t wait to see the the rest of them!

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