Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bryan Fierro: What Cha Talk’n ‘Bout Willis?: Developing Original Dialogue

Bryan Fierro

On Saturday, Feb. 21, Bryan Fierro will be teaching a 49 Writers workshop on developing original dialogue. Here's what you can expect:

This class is designed to explore the story and character possibilities unlocked by timely and original dialogue.  What does that mean? We know that dialogue functions to further story, conflict, and character, but are we doing it well and consistently throughout a work? Can dialogue push other elements such as style, tone, voice and structure? Why, sure it can!  You must learn to identify it in your own work to make it work successfully for all your story intentions.  Come and discuss how we can take advantage of all that dialogue has to offer, and in the end, we will walk away with a better understanding of “what” you say is as important as “how” and “when” you say it when telling our tales.

We will take a look at the never do list when discussing dialogue to see if there’s actually wisdom in breaking the rules (there’s a ton.)  This workshop will help strengthen your work as you push through and discover the power of “he said, she said.” Writers are encouraged to bring their own work to share with a roomful of ears eager for original sounding dialogue.  I will accept stories prior to the course to assist with the workshop.  The environment will be positive and intended to create, not just better work, but a better understanding through writing exercises and some unforgettable lines from our favorite films. (Well, mine)

Bryan Fierro received his MFA in fiction from Pacific University in Oregon in 2013.  He won the Poets and Writers 2013 Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award in Fiction, and placed in both the 2013 Hemingway International Short Story Contest and Masters Workshop at the Tucson Book Festival . His stories have appeared in the literary journals, Copper Nickel and Quarterly West.  Originally from Los Angeles, California, he has been living in Alaska for twelve years, and currently works as a firefighter/paramedic for the Anchorage Fire Department.  Bryan is currently at work on his novel, “Shangri-LA.”

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