Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spotlight on Alaska Books: Come Down to the River: A Memoir of Adventure, by Harold Brink

We stood on top of the Arctic Divide amidst a jumble of sheer cliffs and broken peaks. The wind blew in cold rain squalls and roared across the barren rocks. Bob was excited, but I was uneasy; the mountains were black and cold. The south side of the ridge fell away to a high plateau and Bob said he was going to explore it, but I didn’t want to stay. I sat down below the ridge top out of the teeth of the wind to wait for his return so we could leave. Balanced precariously in loose rock I looked over the darkened mountains and lonely spaces and fear gripped me. I felt I was the only person on Earth, frightened of the wind, the ice, the rock: the void. The fear would not go away. The warm blood and tissue of my body and thoughts in my mind were meaningless, and in a moment could evaporate into nothing. A snow squall blew across the ridge in a stinging cold cloud and I had to get off the mountain.
(Come Down to the River: A Memoir of Adventure, Harold Brink)

An inspiring memoir about finding joy and freedom during turbulent times, Come Down to the River chronicles the author’s adventures as a soldier, hippie, and explorer of the unknown. The book carries readers around the globe, through a period offering opportunity for great personal transformation, to follow one man as he searches for freedom, happiness, and a better understanding of what it truly means to be alive.

This remarkable memoir takes the reader into the author’s tour of duty in Berlin during the Vietnam War, his subsequent stint as a mountain hippie in Colorado, and several daring voyages across the Alaskan wilderness. A must-read for adventurous, open-minded individuals interested in decades past, the story is sure to enlighten and entertain, as well as encourage readers to go out and explore the world on their own.

Harold Brink moved to Alaska twice. The fact he lives now in Colorado should not be held against him as he considers the Alaska wilderness his true home. He is seventy years old, has taken at least nineteen trips into the Alaskan wilderness either on foot or in a raft, and is not about to stop now. He is a member of 49 Writers. His Alaska cred includes getting arrested for fishing without a license, being attacked by a bear, and catching large trout and char solo on the Goodnews River. COME DOWN TO THE RIVER is published in softcover format by Big Rainbow Press.

Come Down to the River: A Memoir of Adventure may be purchased at www.Amazon.com.

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