Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deb: About Those PFDs

Alaskans, have you filed yet for your 2014 Permanent Fund Dividend checks?

I know, we’re about writing here, but we’re also about programs and events that support Alaska’s literary community. So bear with me for a small diversion that will come right back around to you, the writer, and you, the reader, and you, the Alaskan who enjoys living right in the midst of an emerging literary renaissance.

When Andromeda and I took the first steps toward setting up 49 Writers/the 49 Alaska Writing Center, we looked ahead with no small amount of eagerness to the day when our fledgling nonprofit would be eligible for contributions through Alaska’s Pick.Click.Give program.

It would take three years, we found out, before our new organization would be eligible for the program. Three whole years. Lots of groups don’t last that long, which I suppose is why they have the requirement. But we had faith in you, Alaska’s literary community, and now here we are, three years later, announcing that 49 Writers is eligible for your Pick.Click.Give contributions.

When you take time out for this favorite of annual rituals—who doesn’t love applying for a check that lands like magic in your bank account each October?—we hope you’ll remember 49 Writers. If you’ve already filed for your PFD, no worries. The nice people at the Alaska Permanent Fund division allow you to amend your application; just log back in and click “Change.”

By the way, it’s shaping up to be a great year to exercise your Pick.Click.Give option. Rumor has it that eligible Alaskans will receive four-figure PFD checks this year—maybe even twice the amount of last year’s payout.

It’s been worth the three-year wait, don’t you think? Gifted out of one of favorite state programs, you, the writer, and you, the reader, and you, the literary-loving Alaskan, will benefit for years to come.