Wednesday, October 31, 2012

APU's Kyleigh Becker: What Comes to Mind

Sometimes, you look at or read something and think, How in the world can I do anything as close to amazing as that? As I read Evan's, Jen's, Cecilia's, and Marianne's blogs I was thinking something along those lines. And, as I sit here trying to write, I feel the urge to bang my head against a wall. How does someone write something that people will even want to read, especially after reading such a moving piece by someone else? I could try to top it with my own stories (which don't actually exist, which means I would be lying. And I don't like to lie) or I could just be normal random self, which might freak some people out. I guess I'll have to try for the happy median between normalcy and excellency (which I sincerely hope works, as most things I try to write, well, they just don't).
And thus, speaking of depressing things, like my terrible writing, the APU "Ghould Hall" Haunted House is tomorrow and next week (or, technically, Friday and this week)! Which isn't depressing in itself, but zombies are depressing. And decorating and clean-up is depressing. And it is (was) even the day after my birthday, which means even if I want(ed) to go out I wouldn't (have) been able to, because I'd actually have something to do the next day. College student problems, eh?

Isn't "eh?" a Canadian stereotype or something? I wouldn't know if it's true or not, since I've never knowingly talked to a Canadian at length before. Which is weird, since I live in Alaska now. I don't even know if there are many Canadians here. I mean, I figure that there would be, but, you never know... Well, I don't even know how that conversation with myself came about, but okay... I actually might edit that out later, but who knows? I might need it for the word count. But that's me. Going off on random tangents. Geez, that makes me think of math, which reminds me that I still have a lot of math to do. I miss the days of procrastination.

So, as I sit here, procrastinating, I just have to think. I think that today is my birthday. October 25. Another year. I think on the fact that my mother flew up over 4000 miles from Kansas to see me. And that my older sister just got married. And she's barely older than I am! She's almost too beautiful, and I just don't want her to get hurt.

So now, I'm the only one in our immediate family who gets to claim the benefits of a life of being single. Which is good, sometimes. It means I can sing as loud as I want in the shower and no one is telling me to be quiet. Except my roommate. She still tells me to shut up.

Kyleigh Becker is a full-time student at APU from Kansas. She writes what comes to mind, no matter how random, and hopes for the best. Some of her other works (that tend to be not up to par) can be found at:

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